About Us

ROLAN is the leading company in Israel in the field of prefabricated industrialized construction. ROLAN uses advanced construction technologies for more than 3 decades, offering you quick and economical construction solutions for businesses and private homes.

The major uniqueness of the industrialized construction is in its easy implementation, construction speed and considerable economic saving. Most of the work is done in the factory, while the foundations are being prepared at the set location, requiring only 1-4 months to make the construction inhabitable when it arrives to the client.
From characterization to planning, erection and key delivery ROLAN knows how to supply you any structure you'd like in the most efficient, precise and fast way: sport halls, kindergartens, industrial structures, offices, selling pavilions, villas and private houses, living units and zimmers, containers and caravans – we're providing you the best possible solution. We offer you an all-around solution adjusted to your business or family needs, features and limitations of the terrain.


ROLAN – The Proof is in the Field
ROLAN's structures excel in high standard of planning, excellent finishing and durability. ROLAN holds the highest classification of C-5 on behalf of the Register of Contractors.
Industrial construction enjoys many advantages over the standard methods and had received great praise and trust from our clients, mainly due to its following qualities:
Short construction time – just 3 months, and the structure is ready for population.
Everything included! Planning, execution, procurement of all the building permits, up to the key delivery.
Significant economy in construction costs.
Safe building – resistant to earthquakes and earth movements.
Clean and environment-friendly construction – almost no building waste.
Fixed and pre-agreed price.
Quality insulation – better that brick building.
Ability to change and fix easily.
Matches complex construction problems.
Israeli and international standards (inc. ISO 9001).
When you're building your factory or home with ROLAN, you're also relying on our experience, professionalism, record and excellent service.


We're offering you all the advantages of industrialized and mobile construction together with our warranty.
We're inviting you to build your future using the most advanced, rapid and economic construction methods in the world.

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