Construction Method

ROLAN, a seasoned company with an experience in thousands of industrially built projects, brings your home or factory to you, within a short time, carefully and reliably executed according to the strictest existing standards.
Industrialized construction methods are gaining increasing popularity, especially in the business sector, thanks to its easy implementation and speed of building…
We're bringing the structure to you!
We're taking care for all the stages involved in the building of the construction, planning and its transport to the location as one unit.
We employ architects and engineers enabling us to provide solutions to complex engineering problems, different designs and building styles, and to take care for all the building permits on your behalf.
Our industrialized construction method enables you to examine the structure already at the factory and to make your remark concerning the final product before placing it at the final location, providing maximal flexibility in execution of future changes, unlike in the conventional construction methods.
Industrialized construction methods enable to save time and money and to minimize ecological impacts by dozens of percents. All you have to do is to lean back and let us do all the work for you 

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