Next stage – beginning to build

After receiving the building permits, we enter the phase of actual construction.
Floors and walls of the structure are assembled from painted galvanized metal profiles of varying dimensions. Each connection and cut follow a precise plan by our planning department and are controlled by our quality control wing.
The external walls are built from several layers that comprise a massive durable wall ensuring a very high level of thermal and acoustic insulation. The external cover of this wall can be chosen from various shades of decorative plaster or varying stone covers.
The roof is made at the factory or at the site according to the requirements. The roof skeleton is built from metallic elements according to custom-made engineering plan. Whether the roof is a flat metallic or tiled one, it is fully insulated thermally and acoustically.

At the same time the location is being prepared – foundations, digging, drilling and protected shelter are being made, strictly following the specifications of the land consultant report. This process is executed under constant professional supervision of the construction engineer in charge.


Next stage – transporting the structure to the location…


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