Green Construction

Main Advantages of Green Construction:

For Man,
• Saving of approximately 25% in the structure's energy consumption;
• Improvement in the quality of life: reduction in emission of gases (e.g., CO2), waste, sewage, noise and radiation;
• Saving in water;
• Healthier;
• Improves the long-term functioning of the structure.
For Nature,
• Reduction of environmental damage;
• Reduction in construction waste when industrialized construction is used;
• Preservation of natural resources: water, soil, raw materials and biodiversity.
To enjoy the advantages of green construction one must plan it in advance, taking into account the location/environment the structure is designed for. The heating, cooling and illumination systems are built accordingly, aspiring for maximal exploitation of renewable energies such as sun and wind.
ROLAN invites you to use green building – schools, kindergartens, sport halls, offices, and private construction.

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