Public Buildings

ROLAN builds dozens of public buildings a year, nationwide – kindergartens, schools, Synagogues.
Each building is carefully planned according to the strictest construction rules and comes with a high quality finishing, which includes everything necessary for immediate entry and activity.

In building of kindergartens and schools ROLAN has the construction concession of the Meshek and Economy Company of the Local Government and we're working with most of the local authorities in the erection of these public buildings.

Guiding Construction Principles:
• The building process of each structure requires just 1-5 months.
• Most of the work is done in the factory, parallel to infrastructure works at the location itself.
• Each project is planned subject to global vision and adjusted to the client's budget and needs.
• All the standards required from public structures are planned in advance and included in the construction process, including safety, civil defense, fire dept, etc.

Green Construction
According to the client's request the public structure, whether school or kindergarten can be planned according to the green construction principles that save app. 25% of the energy costs of the structure.

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