בית כנסת חדרה נבנה כקומה שניה מעל גן ילדים 500 מ"ר
בית כנסת - רחובות תכנון לפי תקציב ידוע מראש
בית כנסת - בית שמש תכנון אדריכלי בצורת מתומן הכולל חיפוי אבן וטיח.
בית כנסת - בית שמש ישיבה למצוינים, תוכננה והוצבה בשטח תוך 70 יום
האח הגדול בית כנסת האח הגדול

ROLAN has extensive experience in the constructions of synagogues all over Israel. Recently we won the tender of the Ministry of Housing for the construction of 33 synagogues, most of them at the size of 150 m2.
Each project is planned subject to global vision and adjusted to the client's budget and needs.

The cost of planning is included in the price of construction that takes just 3 months!

Our synagogues are characterized by high level of finishing and include:

• Various stone coating covers.
• High ceilings and spaces.
• Smart and economical air-conditioning system.
• Smart planning of the service areas, including the women's wing.
• Seat deployment formation according to the customs of Ashkenazi and Sephardic congregations.
• Holy Ark.
• Study rooms.

All the standards required for public buildings are pre-planned and included in the construction, including safety, civil defense, fire department, etc.

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