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About Rolan

ROLAN is the leading company in Israel in the field of prefabricated industrialized construction. ROLAN uses advanced construction technologies for more than 3 decades, offering you quick and economical construction solutions for businesses and private homes.

The major uniqueness of the industrialized construction is in its easy implementation, construction speed and considerable economic saving. Most of the work is done in the factory, while the foundations are being prepared at the set location, requiring only 1-4 months to make the construction inhabitable when it arrives to the client.

From characterization to planning, erection and key delivery ROLAN knows how to supply you any structure you'd like in the most efficient, precise and fast way: sport halls, kindergartens, industrial structures, offices, selling pavilions, villas and private houses, living units and zimmers, containers and caravans – we're providing you the best possible solution. We offer you an all-around solution adjusted to your business or family needs, features and limitations of the terrain.


Why To Choose Rolan

מאפיון, דרך תכנון, הקמה וקבלת המפתח – רולן יודעת לספק לך כל מבנה שתרצה בצורה יעילה, מוקפדת ומהירה: אולמות ספורט, גני ילדים, מבני תעשייה, מבני מכירות, מכולות וקראוונים. אנחנו נותנים לך את הפתרון הטוב ביותר. אנו מציעים לך פתרון מלא המותאם לצרכי העסק או המשפחה, לתוואי השטח ומגבלותיו.

מהירות בנייה
תכנון וביצוע

Our Projects

Our company specializes in complex projects.

Project oversight starts with planning and budget management and includes full execution.

Rolan. Constructing large scale national and international projects.

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